A photograph of Steve Doyle

Steve Doyle


Steve studied Production Engineering and Production Management at Nottingham University. After graduation he spent a few years in Aerospace and Automotive industries working in manufacturing engineering.

25 years ago Steve started his career in recruitment and his engineering knowledge very quickly gave him a huge advantage over the less technical competition. For years he specialised in Powertrain recruitment until 2008 when, during the recession, he set up the UK’s first EV and Hybrid Recruitment Division. In the following 10 years, he became established as the UK’s leading EV recruiter building teams from major OEM’s to start-up tech companies. 

In 2017 Steve turned his attention to the battery sector.  He decided to focus on Electrochemistry, Cell manufacture, Module and Pack Assy, Integration and Systems all the way through to recycling of the cells.

Gigafactory recruitment has proven to be a far more complex challenge than expected.  Li-ion cell manufacture requires processes never seen before in the UK.  The skills do exist in other pockets but are extremely hard to find and that is why EVera was formed.  The usual recruitment models are just not geared up to understand and therefore satisfy the skill requirements of Gigafactories.

Steve has exclusively and successfully led the recruitment for some of the UK’s most rapidly growing and technically complex battery companies. He is the go to person if you need battery experts.

Outside of work, Steve is a passionate STEM ambassador teaching about 600 children a year in Engineering classes.  He loves spending time with his two children and his family.  He also enjoys regularly using the gym and long countryside walks.