Environmental Pledge

By being in the EV and Battery sectors, we are very passionate about the environment! We are always trying to find different ways of reducing our carbon footprint and this year we have decided to go big! For every placement our team makes we are planting a tree! The goal for 2023 is to plant over 1000 trees. Only by planting 1 tree we can recover 1 tonne of carbon over the lifetime of the tree!

We are working with GreenTheUK, who are planting up to 60 different species of trees in 13 different locations across the UK.

In this way we are not only reducing our carbon footprint, but we are also improving the air quality, helping the wildlife habitat, and protecting the biodiversity.

When you partner with us you are also contributing to a better environment!

More information about our 5 Step Environmental Pledge can be found here

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4th December