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TEVVA is a UK-based e-truck company, whose revolutionary range extension technology allows its medium and heavy-duty trucks to go further than the competition at lower cost. Tevva is leading the drive to zero-emissions freight with hard-working trucks that can do all the work of a traditional diesel with total peace of mind about range and environmental impact. Amongst many developments, the team are working towards optimising H2FC range extension integration into the company’s powerful e-trucks in order to offer the combined benefits of long range and zero emission. By using hydrogen as a range extender, not as a primary fuel source, Tevva is re-imagining hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source for long-range freight transport. TEVVA electric trucks are already getting the job done and have already accrued more than a quarter of a million delivery kilomètres.

Recruiting for Tevva

EVera Recruitment has been nominated as the exclusive recruitment partner to Tevva. If you're a recruiter looking to support with hiring, then read on. If you're looking for job opportunities at Tevva you need to click here.

Part of our service agreement with Tevva is that EVera will coordinate applications from potential recruitment partners on behalf of Tevva. If you would like to be considered as a partner agency, please apply using the form below:

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